At What Price is the Redemption of 10-Carat Gold?

Before selling your gold, ask yourself a question: where to sell it? Indeed, it is clear the significant differences in the price of 10-carat gold repurchase of different intermediaries. Dedicated companies compete to offer the best rates for the redemption of 10-carat gold. At what price finally?

The redemption of 10-carat gold: what you need to know

In recent years, the price of gold is rising. The slighter the economy becomes, the more people will look to a safe bet like gold. Like any safe haven, the price of gold remains heavily indexed to the economy. The variations of the price of gold are made according to that of the economy. As an indication, gold is evolving according to the price of oil.

10 carats, it is the title of the 1000th gold, the most used in the French jeweler-jewelry compared to the gold of 24 carats (999.99 / 1000th) too soft to work. The carat is used to evaluate the purity of gold. As for 10-carat gold, it is made of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy which determines its color (yellow, white, pink, gray, and red, blue …).

With the incredible number of existing gold repurchase companies, the prices offered differ. On average, the price of 10-carat gold varies from around € 25 to € 40 per gram of gold. On Sell-his-gold , find the 2011 price comparison of 14K gold, 10k gold price and 24K gold at various gold repurchase companies in France, Belgium, in Germany and Switzerland: GoldbyGold , CashvsGold , Gold National Counter , Gold For Sale …

Calculation of the 18-karat gold buyback price: example

Do not confuse the 18-karat gold price with the 10-karat gold buyback price. Companies are relying on the day-to-day gold price to determine their own prices.

Several elements come into play in the calculation of the price of gold repurchase. Take the case of a jewel of 10 carats. The information to know imperatively: the last fixing. In finance, this term refers to a quotation system through which the price of gold or any other security is periodically fixed. This is done after the confrontation between supply and demand for gold.

Let B be the price of the 1 kilo gold bullion. The price of the gram of fine gold is B / 1000. Knowing that 18-carat gold is composed of 75% fine gold and 25% alloy, the base price is normally (B / 1000) x 75%. However, a gold weight loss of about 4% can be seen with the separation of fine gold and alloy. The price would then be (B / 1000) x 71%. These percentages obviously vary from one gold repurchase company to another 10k gold price

Will be deducted from this price various costs: cost of processing, 8% tax of the State, various commissions if necessary … These additional costs are not the same from one professional to another. For all these reasons, there are price differences in the redemption of 10-carat gold from the companies concerned.

At, the gold repurchase specialist online, have your gold quoted free of charge using the online tool. You must know the weight in grams of your gold works. The 10k gold price redemption prices shown are valid only for distance selling of gold. They may differ from the rates offered on site.

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