5 Tips or the perfect car trip

No matter where you are going, whether you are a beginner or a professional, these 17 tips for a traveler will make your trip by car a pleasant walk.

A successful journey by car will stay with you for life. The car will allow you to see not only the big tourist cities, but also small cozy villages, to join the unexplored places and natural attractions. The car gives freedom of movement and significantly saves the budget, if you are more than 2 people. Traveling by public transport in developed countries is not cheap, and moving on it turns out much slower.

Where to go, when to go forward and what budget to put in – it all depends on you. We talked to an expert in auto travel and the author of the Trip Together blog, Elena Shikova, and selected the 17 most important tips that cover all types of auto trips in any country. Consider them as your guide from “a” to “z”.

Most auto travelers choose a route based on the estimated budget of the trip and the availability of free time. Ideally, you need to make an approximate plan for your trip, it is better to plan more, but keep in mind that this is only a plan and not be upset if something goes wrong.

  1. Google Maps

Everything starts from something – start it and you. Enter the starting and ending points, calculate the approximate length of the path. Customize it for yourself and see the different routes and the approximate duration of each of them. Here you can also see if you will be just a few hours from the place where you were not going to, but which you would like to visit. Make sure that the main route from point A to point B is laid, but not scheduled up to a kilometer. Leave space for unexpected turns, spontaneous decisions and creative “I wonder what is here?”

  1. Which car to choose?

Which car to take depends on the destination and type of trip, as well as the number of people? Consider whether you need all-wheel drive and high ground clearance, or maybe a convertible better. Book a car in advance, choose unlimited mileage (if you don’t know how long the trip will be) and buy insurance!

If the trip is a long one, a couple of months long or more, you may want to consider buying a used car that can be sold at the end. Be sure to check its status before receiving and signing the contract. The last thing you need is a break in the open field!

  1. Music

Few things are as closely related as music and a long road. There is a lot of time ahead, so record several different playlists on your smartphone (and do not forget the USB cable). Also worth checking out is local radio. This is a great opportunity to listen to music that you never hear at home. The music should be very crisp, long driving tires.

To create the appropriate mood, listen to the momondo playlist by car (if your browser cannot open the playlist, follow this link).

  1. Road trippers и Via Michelin

Check out the great Road trippers and Via Michelin website. Road trippers are best used for the US, and Via Michelin for Europe. These sites are route planners that will help you find everything from fancy roadside attractions to lodging. Covering the entire globe to get guidance go right here , it includes millions of the most interesting places and sights. Do not abandon the use of national tourist sites of countries such as Visit Norway, Tourism in Germany, etc. Many national tourist sites of European countries are translated into Russian.

  1. The most untrodden paths

Of course, driving along the highway is convenient and fast, but there is a great chance to miss a lot. If time and terrain allow, choose less popular roads. You will see much more, meet locals and walk a path that few people used to use. Topic Tip: Take a detour! See the signpost of a ghost town or a strange tourist attraction? Follow him! This is your chance. The first rule of spontaneity in auto travel.

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