Barcode Labels

A barcode is coded information that looks like a train of white and black long strips and is read by scanners. In the bar code scheme, each product is assigned its own individual number consisting of 13 digits.

Why do I need a barcode?

Barcode Stickers areinformative data about a product, they relate to food labeling, which containsall the necessary product data: weight, composition, manufacturing company(when it comes to products), durability, can be used in retail protectiveanti-theft labels. They are an integral part of trade, with their help, thegoods will not leave the store unpaid.

The benefits of using bar coding include:

  • Reduced regarding;
  • Ordering in the warehouse;
  • Acceleration in the processing of documentation, it isenough to read the barcode to get the goods in the database;

Instantly search for goods in the database.

The presence of a label with identifying signs allows you to decide on the sorting of goods exclusively by packaging. What is very convenient for the products that look very similar and without checking on the invoice it is impossible to determine its characteristic features.

Informative barcode labels simplify record keeping. After all, the presence of a scanner, the task of which is to mark paid goods, allows you to hammer into the base the number of units in the balance. And this opens the way to the perspectives described below. The seller will be able to quickly find the desired product, specify the amount in the balance and find out the storage location.

The material of such labels should be chosen according to the storage conditions. A printer is better to choose a professional.

Printers for printing bar codes on the label

Printing bar codes on the label is the application of a special code on the packaging of goods and finished products. In order to place all the necessary information on a self-adhesive label, printers are used to print labels. Printers are different in performance, and our experts will help you choose the most suitable equipment for bar coding your particular products.

Label printing requires that the printer provide everythingyou need:

  • Brightness and high contrast lines;
  • Corrugated surface pattern;
  • Excellent readability of the information enclosed in the barcode;
  • The possibility of single-piece printing labels;

Use special stickers in rolls.

Our experts are always ready to offer customers the manufacture of bar-labels of any complexity with a mark of compliance with mandatory requirements, for high-quality labeling of goods, regardless of the packaging materials and its size. We are printing a bar code on the label exclusively on high-tech equipment, using check printing equipment. In order to ensure high-quality application of all elements of a bar code and label, use the services of specialists.

The advantages of printing barcode labels with us

  • Modern printing materials;
  • New printing technologies;
  • High quality equipment;
  • Loyal pricing for each client.

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