Car Rental In Sicily

The best way to explore Sicily and its remote corners is undoubtedly a rental car . Major cities like Palermo and Catania , in the airport, have several options for cheap rent a car that allows you to move around the island.

Highways in Sicily.

The road network has toll free motorways: Catania – Palermo, Catania – Messina (except for a paid section), Palermo – Trapani – Mazara del Vallo, and Palermo – Messina (toll). These highways allow you to cross the island quickly, remember that Sicily is the largest in the Mediterranean, so there are miles to go. They are very recommended to arrive in speed from Palermo to Catania or Messina or from Palermo to Trapani.

By cons, to get to the beautiful places of the coast on and north you will need to take the national or provincial roads, the most beautiful but less convenient. The mountainous regions do not have the same infrastructures and it is common to find departmental roads full of turns. Signage is a little rough, the streets are often poorly lit, sometimes the plates are illegible. Secondary roads, outside national roads, can be damaged, making driving slow and cautious. But, at the same time, the cheap car rental  roll rather gently, even if they double crossing you with continuous lines. There are unwritten rules that make traffic so painful that you think.

The advantages of renting a car.

It is common to find very interesting places to visit within a few kilometers radius but not always very well served by buses and trains. A rental car will avoid the unnecessary waste of time and give us greater freedom of movement without depending on bus schedules. Renting cars in Sicily could be a condition sine qua non the organization of a tour is not posible in our visit.

The prices on the spot for renting cars do not change too much compared to other destinations in the south of Europe. On the other hand, fuel is more expensive than in other countries like France or Spain. That’s why most rental cars are diesel and work with diesel.

Regarding driving, the fame of motorists has no borders, and Sicily is no exception. Often, the code of the road is not respected, the use of the flashing lights is replaced by gestures at the wheel, by thrusts of accelerator or horn or bursts of fires.

After this introduction, it must be remembered that the driving, nevertheless is not very violent, but rather soft. If you have to get used to it, the car is by far the best way to communicate in Sicily.

Road map of Sicily

We should perhaps avoid driving into big cities, as traffic jams are common, especially in Palermo. The capital of Sicily is the most populous city and the amount of cars is very large. The rest of roads and highways are not so crowded, so no worries to ride.

For more information on routes, routes, tours and distances, visit our maps section of Sicily .

Some tips for those who rent a car in Sicily.

The advice is the same we must observe in France, Switzerland, Belgium or Canada. Pay attention to where you park, to avoid fines to flights. Obviously it is mandatory to always close the doors and windows and advised never to leave objects in sight.

Car parks are a solution if you visit some places, like Palermo, especially because of the lack of space. But our experience for years tells us that Sicily is usually a safe area.

With the banner placed at the beginning of the article you can compare the rental prices of various companies and book your car. Since the visit to Sicily is not limited to a city and you normally go on a tour, it is highly recommended to rent the car at airports.

The reservation can be done with the possibility of cancellation without fees. Besides, you can take the car in one airport and leave it in another. Depending on the companies, it will pay a little more. The main airports of Sicily (Palermo, Catania and Trapani) are the easiest places to rent a car. It is better to rent in advance because cars are quickly rented, so use the banner at the head of the article. That way, when you arrive in Sicily you only have to go through the agency and pick up your car.

So, have a good trip to Sicily and have a good trip!

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