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Venetian blind or pleated? Curtain or blackout? To choose your Velux blind, it is important to understand the use that will be made and the room for which it is intended. All Velux roof windows can be equipped with them. And today, finished the trendy window coverings blinds inclined tristounets! Originality comes to your home with Velux blinds that come in a range of sober or acid colors to customize your home nicely.

How to choose your Velux blind

Because of its inclination, dressing a Velux roof window is not easy. However, in some rooms of a house or an apartment, it is essential to be able to hide the windows, to control the light that enters or isolates oneself from the outside eyes. Velux interior blinds are perfectly designed to perform these functions without hindering the opening movement of the window.

Choose your blind according to the room

The Velux blinds are suitable for all rooms in the house equipped with a trendy window coverings. They are therefore suitable for a master bedroom, a nursery or baby room, a bathroom, a kitchen, an office, a living room, a rest room, a reading room, a home theater, an attic, etc. Depending on the level of brightness and protection against the desired heat, you can opt for a window blind Velux, more or less thick and more or less dark color:

For a bedroom (parents ‘room and children’s room or guest room), it is recommended to install a blackout blind that ensures complete darkness. Similarly, for an office that you would like to be able to transform from time to time in room for passing friends. For use in a bedroom, you will also find mixed models. Both blackout and filtering, this type of Velux blind offers two positions depending on whether it is used day or night. It is equipped with a doubled blackout fabric and a pleated canvas.

In a bathroom and kitchen, the Venetian blind is well suited to control the light that enters the room and protect itself from prying eyes. This type of blind is also suitable for a kitchen to which it gives a very design aesthetic finish.

In living rooms such as the living room or the living room, you can put a blind curtain or a pleated blind. These models have the advantage of filtering the light while decorating the trendy window coverings.

Velux blinds are offered in a complete line of patterns and tones that are suitable for all interior decorating styles.

Choose as needed

To determine which type of Velux blind to choose to equip your home, you must first identify the use you make of it.

It can be:

Create total darkness at night to promote a restful sleep. You may also wish to plunge your room in the dark on summer nights when the sun is not lying down or in the morning when it is already up. You may also need to do full black in the day so you can take a nap in your room.

Filter the sun’s rays to reduce the brightness that enters your home. It can also be to dress advantageously a roof window, or to protect you from a vis-a-vis,

Prevent heat from entering your home and maintain an ideal temperature of comfort indoors in the summer,

Prevent the intrusion of unwanted insects into your home and sleep all windows open in the summer.

You can choose your store on the Velux brand shop and find all the product choices.

The different types of Velux blinds

In Depending on your needs, you can choose between different types of blinds for angled trendy window coverings: blackout curtains, curtain blinds, pleated blinds or Venetian blind.

Advantages and prices of a blackout blind

To completely obscure a room and achieve perfect darkness, the ideal solution is to choose a blackout blind.

Made of a fabric that blocks the light outside, the blackout blind makes it possible to make total darkness in the room. Its level of occultation is greater than 99%. In addition, a blackout blind completely isolates you from prying eyes.

Thanks to a wide range of patterns and colors, you will inevitably find a blackout blind that harmonizes perfectly with your interior.

From a practical point of view, you can also opt for a motorized blackout blind with solar energy. Working wirelessly, it can be handled easily via a remote control. This type of awning is particularly well suited to windows located high and difficult to access.

Depending on the model, you will find blackout blinds from 49 $. For a blackout blind with a licensed design, prices start at 69 $.

Advantages and prices of a curtain blind

The curtain blinds sift the rays of the sun. They are functional and bring a decorative touch to your interior. In addition, they have the advantage of isolating you from outside eyes while letting in the light of day.

A mixed blind model is proposed for a two-in-one solution: a blind that darkens at night and sifts the day. It is actually two associated blinds that can be maneuvered simultaneously or individually. These blinds allow a personalized management of the brightness inside the room. This type of awning is ideally suited to rooms facing south-west because the brightness varies throughout the day.

For a curtain blind, the starting price is around 40 $. For a blind two in one blocking and sieving, prices start at around 90 $.

Advantages and prices of a pleated blind

The fabric pleated blind is very decorative and has the characteristic of softening daylight. These blinds come in many colors and patterns and adapt to all parts of the house.

There is a model of pleated shade blind. The latter is equipped with cells covered with an aluminum film It has the double advantage of allowing the intensity of the incoming light to be metered and of limiting the thermal losses of the dwelling. Ideal for rooms with high exposure to the sun.

For this type of store, prices start at around 80 $. For a pleated blind with variable position, count 85$ instead.

Advantages and prices of a venetian blind

The venetian blind is equipped with aluminum slats. It is a sieving blind that adjusts and directs the brightness that enters the room. Its design gives a contemporary side to your decoration and adapts very well to a current interior. It is ideal for dressing windows in a kitchen, bathroom or office.

The prices of a Venetian blind start at around 85 $.

If you want to protect yourself from excessive temperatures in summer, you can also opt for a sun blind outside. Equipped with a mesh fabric, it lets the light through while stopping 80% of the heat. In addition, to ventilate a room by blocking access to insects, you can completely install a mosquito net in addition to a Velux blind.

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