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Some people want a little more excitement and adventure in luxury holidays. For this reason, we have compiled the exciting, superior and incredible (but mostly luxury) holidays for you. We offer you the most beautiful adventures for those who enjoy life in this way, from swimming to the top of the mountains to swimming with the great white sharks.

Great White Shark Dive

What could be more exciting than to face the most predatory animals on the planet? Undoubtedly, diving with a great white shark is not suitable for everyone; but usually before the death of those who seek excitement on the to-do lists. There are only four places in the world where you can see these glorious creatures, one in the United States and only 45 km away from the San Francisco coast. The area offers the perfect spot for cage diving to see the white shark, and Great White Adventures is the most famous business in the region.

Another place has the greatest advantage in the world with its crystal clearness for white shark dives in Mexico’s Guadalupe island and from July to October. SolmaV, a luxury ship leaving Ensenada, dives up to 30 feet in a 5-day adventure with a 3-seater submarine cage.

If you want to see these beauties out of the water, then False Bay / Seal is the best place in South Africa. Apex Shark Expeditions offers an amazing package.

Finally, in South Australia, the Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions is the only company that sets a cage on the ocean floor and offers an epic trip for 3 nights.

HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Parachuting

A more outstanding version of the military-led parachute jump has recently attracted the attention of adventurers. Parachute opening in the traditional parachute jump for a while after parachute opening in HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) paratroopers, parachutes in the lowest possible low-pitched, which leads to a long, intense and probably breathtaking experience.

Incredible Adventures in Tennessee is an excellent company that offers this service; but let’s warn now; This is not for the coward.

Death Path for Cyclists

There is great fear among both cyclists and locals about this road known as the korku Camino de la Muerte “or the Death Road. Located in Bolivia and called the ın Mount Everest of Cyclists kaplı, a road that is even higher than 11,800 feet and tests even the most talented driver, as well as being deadly, the journey is not only fatal, but also striking, snow-covered, and the depths of La Paz mountains to the depths of the misty Amazon jungle. asshole during a time. The road is even more pitiful when it comes to landing, which allows drivers to truly test their limits.

Helixot XO 6.2 Backpack

If you have the courage to try the dusty path of death, then you may want to invest in one of these highly useful innovations.

Ideal for tough conditions, this waterproof and wear-resistant backpack will protect your most valuable items (telephone, laptop, food, etc.) from external influences in all situations. With a unique ergonomic design and features such as a padded tummy strap, locked lid and easy-open strap buckle, this bag is a true companion.

Tree Hotels

One of the most unique accommodation in the world, the Tree Hotel is located in Harads, Sweden, and is both an innovative design and a marvel of eco-consciousness.

These stunning and modern homes, situated at the height of the free nature, will truly have a view and you will have a quiet escape from the reality during your stay. Each tree house (like room 7, as you can see in the photo) was uniquely designed by the leading architects of Sweden and almost every design element and feature (such as an odorless electric toilet) was made considering maximum sustainability.

Mica to Safaris

Micato, which won 9 travel + entertainment awards (most recently for a 13-day trip to Africa), gained a reputation as a world’s leading safari company for Best adventure recommendation for luxury travellers.

The company has received awards from many other bodies such as National Geographic. Because they have the most knowledgeable guides who understand the region in the best possible way, they employ the indigenous people, they offer the best in terms of accommodation and kitchen (known to be famous for hiring famous chefs). Simply put, they can organize custom-made trips that smaller or more westernized companies cannot do.

With special trip programs, each of these trips offers a different experience than the others – whether in the Rwandan gorilla tracking or the private jet safaris in Nairobi.

Sky runner

Sky runner features a four-wheel ATV (also called a powered parachute flight) used in parafoil sash technology, and a 3-part propeller in the body for ascension to the sky. This vehicle, approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, can reach a speed of 45 mph and can drive up to 10,000 feet.

Marci Mobile

Marci Mobile is a company that offers perfectly customizable recreation vehicles and is designed to fit your specific needs, and consists of bespoke designs ranging from luxury mobile homes to luxury VIP services.

Guests will enjoy the hotel’s excellent facilities and services including well-designed rooms.

Perfect for your intercontinental journeys, these Dan wheel jets ün make sure that you always live in luxury wherever your adventures take you.

Norwegian Dog Sledges

The long winters and endless wildlife make the Finn mark region of Northern Norway ideal for Husky sledges.

Whether in mid-winter or in the months of December-January or a long and busy day, visit in February, or if you want more hot and sunny daha spring winter gerçeklestir called in March and April, a 30-minute flight from Oslo will experience a unique experience.

Beito Husky Tours in Skammestein in the heart of Norway offer a number of incredible adventures ranging from 2 to 10 days in harsh conditions.

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