WEEKEND WORKSHO The Theme: Survival Masks


how to restore one’s true self

We are all the result of a natural adaptation. John Bradshaw has identified the steps to free ourselves from our dysfunctional adaptation that prevents us from being ourselves. We ignore and repress what the child has lived. Our “Inner Child” lives in confusion, unable to answer the question intensive couples therapy  “Who am I deeply? ”

The adapted child is not our Inner Child. “It’s just a mask covering our true self. He fools and deceives the adult by plunging him into the fog and the denial of his inner truth

We will explore, experiment and confront these issues throughout the weekend.

Here are some of the themes we will be working on during the weeke

The monsters in the closet intensive couples therapy

Rigid roles

Parent of his parent

From compensation to compulsion

From compulsion to addict

Costs for the Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney weekend

$ 300 + TX = $ 350 for the weekend. To this is added the cost of accommodation in a private room. Usually in a monastery or other place in the countryside.

The coach of the workshop

Claude Roy, Accompanying Counselor, Sexologist, Addiction Counselor, Instructor in Mindfulness Therapy, Homoeopath.

Claude has been leading groups for over 30 years. He encourages interactions to open up to his history and his wounds in a respectful, honest and profound way intensive couples therapy Group work is a fabulous way to open oneself to its dysfunctional patterns that lock us into suffering

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience an opening to oneself and to promote one’s “true self”. To bring down our survival masks is a great liberation. I invite you.

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