Dietary Recommendations And Menus To Liquid Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Food recommendations and tips for liquid diet plan for weight loss Here are some recommendations for the best food choices to keep the weight loss process going and to achieve and maintain a healthier weight.

The most important rule is to eat only when you are hungry and to stop eating when you are full, regardless of the quality of the foods you choose.

These recommendations:

take into account the concept of energy density ;

should allow you to liquid diet plan for weight loss without feeling tired or hungry ;

make sure you do not have to over-control what you eat

make sure that you do not need to calculate calories ;

will bring you, without depriving you, to stop eating naturally because you will not be hungry anymore .

IMPORTANT. For health , a weight loss should not exceed 1 kg (2 pounds) per week . We advise you to proceed without haste and experiment each recommendation one by one.

  1. Focus on low energy density foods

The best way to lose weight – and maintain a healthy weight – is to increase the intake of satisfying foods, based on the concept of energy density 1 .

Of healthy eating habits and physical exercise: an inseparable couple. What kind of physical activity would you like to do to help you maintain your weight in the long run?

It’s about opting for foods that contain a small amount of calories relative to their volume: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

Rich in fiber, water and nutrients, these foods occupy a large place in the stomach when ingested, contributing to satiation.

By focusing on foods with very low or low energy density, you feel full without consuming a lot of calories.

Table of foods and their energy density: examples

NB It is recommended to favor mainly foods of categories 1 and 2. Those of categories 3 and 4 are not to proscribe, but to consume less regularly.

liquid diet plan for weight lossWithout insisting on the calorie content of foods, you should know that it is the fat that provides the greatest number of calories per gram: 9 compared to 4 for proteins and carbohydrates.

In addition, fats, despite their high energy content, satisfy less than protein. To lose weight, fat should not account for more than 30% of total calories .

It is therefore important to know which foods contain too much fat and that it would be better not to consume regularly. However, we are not talking about banning fatty foods

  1. Focus on dietary fiber

The fiber acts in two ways to reduce appetite and promote calorie control. On the one hand, they slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood. On the other hand, they swell by absorbing water and thus provide the stomach with the feeling of being filled.

To control liquid diet plan for weight loss with a healthy diet, it is recommended to consume 25g to 35g of fiber per day . You can easily get there: 3 fruits, 4 vegetables, 5 whole grain products. Adding a few legumes, nuts and seeds will give you even more.

Tips for increasing fiber consumption

For bakery products (flour, bread, bagel, cracker, etc.), always choose the whole grain version: whole wheat or spelled, but also whole wheat and other grains.

Make your own juice and keep a little pulp to mix with the juice at the very end.

Add chopped nuts and seeds (sunflower, sesame, coarsely ground flax, etc.) to homemade yogurts, puddings and muffins.

Add legumes (white or red beans, chickpeas, etc.) to salads and vegetable soups.

  1. Consume a proper number of servings of fruits and vegetables

It is important to reach the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables because they are low in calories and are full of antioxidants liquid diet plan for weight loss fiber and water. A meal of which 50% of the plate is composed of fruits and vegetables is more likely to satiate quickly for a smaller amount of calories than a plate whose content is low in fruits and vegetables.

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