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The playing surface must remain perfectly level, and not bend in the center.

To ensure its flatness, the slate must be supported on its sides and in the center by a robust frame and insensitive to deformations in time. A wooden frame, or wood particles, can deform under the weight of the slate and depending on the ambient humidity. This defect is common on billiards store convertible table. Thus, a monobloc slate can collapse from 3 to 5 mm in the center if it is not sufficiently supported.

Only a steel frame or reinforced with steel guarantees the flatness of the playing surface over time. Therefore, it is recommended by sports organizations for the manufacture of competition billiards store Our collection of Excellence and Prima billiards are both equipped with metal frames.

The structure of the metal frame can be U or L can be thick from 10 to 120 mm depending on the size and thickness of the slate. In order to ensure irreproachable flatness metal structures are also rectified. That’s why a billiard table with a chassis adapted and worked with know-how, guarantees you a flat surface for life!

Some large models, are intended for competition and equipped with tensions to reload the chassis and offer a guarantee of additional flatness. However, this type of frame often represents an additional cost not mandatory if you plan to use your billiard as a hobby. If you plan to buy a billiard over 3m for professional use then the chassis equipped with turnbuckles will become the ideal solution.

he billiard must remain perfectly stable under the pressure of the player in support

during the game it is not uncommon for billiard players to take over the furniture. The pressure exerted on the furniture can weaken it over time if it does not have sufficiently strong metal chassis. An unstable billiards store causes deviations of the ball, and in the end, a separation and premature aging of the piece of furniture. This defect is common on billiards transformable table not equipped with metal chassis. Discover our billiards Table with metal frame.

If Billiards is convertible into a table:

Be careful of the space needed for the passage of the legs! The metal frame is particularly recommended for the manufacture of a pool table. Indeed, less thick than a wooden frame, it ensures the comfortable passage of the legs (63 cm) without raising too much the table.

able top tables for billiards store

The billiards store are transformed into a table using table trays that are placed on the anti-slip caps of the band frame. The pool table trays can be made in 2 or 3 parts and multiple finishes are possible. The billiard table trays can be made entirely of wood, wood and glass, all glass (always choose safety glass with UV treatment as the table tops of our pool table to avoid that they are too fragile or discolor too quickly the carpet when exposed to the sun).  See our different model trays table.

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