A good exercise to progress

Deciphering is a very beneficial exercise that everyone can do according to their availability and possibilities.

The goal of such an exercise is simple: to play at best a piece in a given time and if it is not perfect, it does not matter. The goal is to participate and do the best.

There are several advantages that I will detail below and it is necessary to respect the rule of the game. If this exercise is done with regularity and seriousness, it is undoubtedly one of the best to progress.

What does it consist of?

To decipher is to be able to play a piece as well as possible in a time of work that you will have defined yourself.

Of course, it is useless to remind you that one must be modest in difficulty. We must start with simple partitions, very simple even with a number of difficulties rather measured at first.

The remarks mentioned in the previous articles are essential: observe the score, take the time to go through it, set the tone, read the notes correctly, start slowly and above all respect the rhythm and the few indications that may appear.

Give yourself a maximum working time: for example, no more than 2 or 3 hours on a piece (this can be a score of a page or a set of 8 measures of a song for example).

Do not fool yourself: the goal is not to know how to play perfectly a piece (or a set of measures) even beyond the time initially defined. The goal is to play it as best as possible in a fixed time. This is an exercise, it should not replace the study of a work that you may have elsewhere. Once the deadline is reached, tell yourself that you have done the best and watch your progress, then move on…

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The advantages of deciphering

The advantages of decryption are numerous:

This allows you to adapt to any type of score and style. This is part of the rules of the game but do not hesitate to take partitions for which the difficulties scare you a little. We have to face all the difficulties and to force to work them, these difficulties will disappear little by little. This can concern rhythmic problems, notes (stitched / bound …), differences between left and right hands to overcome…

This will make you discover partitions and all styles. Do not hesitate to go from Jazz to Classics without forgetting the Variety. Working a little bit of everything will allow you to adapt faster to any style of music.

The work of deciphering itself is very prolific because you will progress in many areas (reading notes, rhythms, interpretations …).

However, it must be remembered that you have to do this work seriously and make sure your study is right. So do not hesitate to control yourself with a metronome, to listen to what you play either by a professional, a CD, a video on the internet … On the other hand, make sure that the partition that you have corresponds to this that you listen and / or watch.

If you have music editing software, you can scan the score or get it as a MIDI file. You will be able to hear it played by the computer. Some of the mistakes you could make will then be visible.

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