Baten Kaitos: The the Lost Ocean Baten Kaitosu – Ocean Of Games

Is a role-playing game for ocean of games  , released in 2003 in Japan and 2005 in Japan. Europe . It by Monolith Soft and tri-Crescendo for Namco . Monolith Soft is an offshoot of former developers of Square Co., Ltd. , including those of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross inspired byBaten Kaitos .

The game takes place in a fantasy type universe , where islands float in the Sky M 1 .

A prequel has been available since 2006 in the United States and Japan under the name Baten Kaitos Origins . The events of this game take place twenty years before those of Baten Kaitos: The lost Ocean

he story takes place in a world of islands floating in the sky. A thousand years before the beginning of the game, an evil god named Malpercio invades the world ocean of games  He was defeated by five magician heroes, who sealed the evil god in the five “Ultimate Magnus”, each hidden in one of the five main islands. Wizards left Earth M1 polluted and levitate made islands in Heaven 5 . The humans then saw themselves pushing “Wings of the heart”.

Sadal Suud is a prosperous and commercial island run by Governor Rodolfo, who maintains a good relationship with the Empire. It is on this island that is the Forest of Fourbelune which houses so-called cursed ruins. It protects the ultimate BRA Magnus guarded by the Lord of the Sources ocean of games   Kalas begins his journey on this island, in Cebalrai, the agricultural hamlet, a small village. Pherkad is the capital of this island, a large and beautiful city, but still under the control of Alfard’s guards.

Anuénué , the island of flowers, is led by Queen Corelia. This island has a long tradition of neutrality. Its inhabitants are jovial and festive people, whose life revolves around the vegetation and in particular the gigantic Celestial Tree. The island is also famous for its magic school, which is located in Komo May, the capital.

Diadem , nicknamed the city of clouds, is under a feudal regime ruled by Ladekahn, king respected by his subjects. The capital where the royal palace is located is called Sheliak: it is a fortified and military-like city, unlike the quiet fishing village of Nashira.

Mira is in another dimension, which makes it difficult to access. There are very strange places, such as Parnasse, a village in pastry ocean of games  Reverence, a city that seems straight out of a picture book, or Detourne, a strange garden connected to another world. This city is directed by Monseigneur Calbren, Archiduc de Mira, whose only family is Mélodia, his niece. This is where Kalas spent his childhood.

The Alfard Empire is the most technologically advanced and hostile and bellicose island. It is led by Emperor Geldoblame who wants to release the ultimate Magnus to bring chaos to the world, with the help of his henchmen Giacomo, Aymee and Folon download free ocean of games apk The inhabitants of the imperial capital, Mintaka, are arrogant and contemptuous of foreigners whom they consider inferior. Indeed, children are taught that the inhabitants of Alfard are superior and that they must dominate the peoples of other islands. The rest of the inhabitants of Alfard work in the mines of the village of Azha.

Wazn , the land of ice, is covered with snow and ice, and is home to a gigantic palace. Its leader is Xelha. The other three magicians of the island are Kodelle, Catranne and Glamyss. The only town on this strange island is Cursa.

Duhr , is not an island but a country that lives under the toxic gases of deleterious clouds, and whose inhabitants all wear a mask to protect themselves. This is where Mizuti comes from. The capital of this country is Algorab.

Cor Hydræ is the island, initially protected by a force field, where takes refuge Malpercio, the resurrected god thanks to the liberation of the ultimate Magnus who will be fought three times by the heroes, in different forms.

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