Information Guide For Persons Detained In Adult Settlements

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Important: If, for any reason stated in the Human Rights Code (eg language barrier or physical or intellectual disability), you have difficulty reading or understanding this guide, please inform the staff, who will make sure you get the help you need (see Human Rights section ). This applies to all documents (p. Ex. A report on misconduct, information isolation, etc.) prepaid account for inmates and forms (p. Ex. Form application ) which will be given during your incarceration.

You will find a form application is often needed to talk to someone or get help. If you or another inmate need help to understand or complete the form application , please notify a member of staff. If your request is related to the reasons set out in the Human Rights Code, indicate this clearly in your form request .

Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide legal advice. For advice on a specific problem, please contact your lawyer.


  • Access to information and protection of privacy
  • Fresh air and exercise
  • Fire alarm and evacuation
  • fines
  • Functional devices
  • prepaid account for inmates
  • Phone prepaid account for inmates
  • Personal property and cash
  • Gifts
  • Canteen
  • Classification
  • Behaviors and expectations
  • Trust accounts
  • Smuggling
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • requests
  • Detention on immigration grounds
  • Detainees who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing
  • Human Rights
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • adaptations
  • Reprisals
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Isolation
  • Conditional liberation
  • Bail
  • Books and periodicals of the library
  • Misbehavior
  • Alimony orders
  • Organizational Chart and Directory of Institutional Services
  • Addresses of the Assistant Deputy Minister and Regional Directors
  • Pardon (suspension of the locker)
  • complaints
  • Release Planning
  • Temporary absence program
  • programs
  • Earned reduction of sentence
  • Diets
  • Services
  • Personal care
  • Direct monitoring
  • Video and audio monitoring and recording
  • Treatment and treatment centers
  • transfer
  • Dispute resolution unit for clients
  • visits
  • Vote

Access to information and protection of privacy

Under the Ministry of Correctional Services Act, the Department may collect your personal information for a variety of reasons, including assessment, prepaid account for inmates classification, health care, surveillance, transfers, misconduct, program development, release planning, temporary absence and parole.

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act , you can ask to view or obtain a copy of your correctional records.

To do this, you must submit a form request to the clerk offender records. They will decide whether the information is available to you or if you have to go to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Office for the justice sector.

You can contact the Office of Access to Information and Privacy by sending a letter or Request for Access or Correction form. To obtain a copy, make a request to the staff. If you write a letter, you must indicate your full name and date of birth, and specify what information you want.

You will be required to pay a fee of $ 5 before your application can be sent to the Office of Access to Information and Privacy for the Justice Sector. These rights can not be refunded, canceled or paid at a later date prepaid account for inmates

You must send your letter or Application for Access or Correction form to the Inmate Trust Fund Clerk at your institution. The clerk will pay the $ 5 fee and the cost of the money with the money from your trust account, before sending your request to the Access to Information and Privacy Office for the sector. of Justice.

Choose Your Velux blind – Modern Window Coverings Houston

Venetian blind or pleated? Curtain or blackout? To choose your Velux blind, it is important to understand the use that will be made and the room for which it is intended. All Velux roof windows can be equipped with them. And today, finished the trendy window coverings blinds inclined tristounets! Originality comes to your home with Velux blinds that come in a range of sober or acid colors to customize your home nicely.

How to choose your Velux blind

Because of its inclination, dressing a Velux roof window is not easy. However, in some rooms of a house or an apartment, it is essential to be able to hide the windows, to control the light that enters or isolates oneself from the outside eyes. Velux interior blinds are perfectly designed to perform these functions without hindering the opening movement of the window.

Choose your blind according to the room

The Velux blinds are suitable for all rooms in the house equipped with a trendy window coverings. They are therefore suitable for a master bedroom, a nursery or baby room, a bathroom, a kitchen, an office, a living room, a rest room, a reading room, a home theater, an attic, etc. Depending on the level of brightness and protection against the desired heat, you can opt for a window blind Velux, more or less thick and more or less dark color:

For a bedroom (parents ‘room and children’s room or guest room), it is recommended to install a blackout blind that ensures complete darkness. Similarly, for an office that you would like to be able to transform from time to time in room for passing friends. For use in a bedroom, you will also find mixed models. Both blackout and filtering, this type of Velux blind offers two positions depending on whether it is used day or night. It is equipped with a doubled blackout fabric and a pleated canvas.

In a bathroom and kitchen, the Venetian blind is well suited to control the light that enters the room and protect itself from prying eyes. This type of blind is also suitable for a kitchen to which it gives a very design aesthetic finish.

In living rooms such as the living room or the living room, you can put a blind curtain or a pleated blind. These models have the advantage of filtering the light while decorating the trendy window coverings.

Velux blinds are offered in a complete line of patterns and tones that are suitable for all interior decorating styles.

Choose as needed

To determine which type of Velux blind to choose to equip your home, you must first identify the use you make of it.

It can be:

Create total darkness at night to promote a restful sleep. You may also wish to plunge your room in the dark on summer nights when the sun is not lying down or in the morning when it is already up. You may also need to do full black in the day so you can take a nap in your room.

Filter the sun’s rays to reduce the brightness that enters your home. It can also be to dress advantageously a roof window, or to protect you from a vis-a-vis,

Prevent heat from entering your home and maintain an ideal temperature of comfort indoors in the summer,

Prevent the intrusion of unwanted insects into your home and sleep all windows open in the summer.

You can choose your store on the Velux brand shop and find all the product choices.

The different types of Velux blinds

In Depending on your needs, you can choose between different types of blinds for angled trendy window coverings: blackout curtains, curtain blinds, pleated blinds or Venetian blind.

Advantages and prices of a blackout blind

To completely obscure a room and achieve perfect darkness, the ideal solution is to choose a blackout blind.

Made of a fabric that blocks the light outside, the blackout blind makes it possible to make total darkness in the room. Its level of occultation is greater than 99%. In addition, a blackout blind completely isolates you from prying eyes.

Thanks to a wide range of patterns and colors, you will inevitably find a blackout blind that harmonizes perfectly with your interior.

From a practical point of view, you can also opt for a motorized blackout blind with solar energy. Working wirelessly, it can be handled easily via a remote control. This type of awning is particularly well suited to windows located high and difficult to access.

Depending on the model, you will find blackout blinds from 49 $. For a blackout blind with a licensed design, prices start at 69 $.

Advantages and prices of a curtain blind

The curtain blinds sift the rays of the sun. They are functional and bring a decorative touch to your interior. In addition, they have the advantage of isolating you from outside eyes while letting in the light of day.

A mixed blind model is proposed for a two-in-one solution: a blind that darkens at night and sifts the day. It is actually two associated blinds that can be maneuvered simultaneously or individually. These blinds allow a personalized management of the brightness inside the room. This type of awning is ideally suited to rooms facing south-west because the brightness varies throughout the day.

For a curtain blind, the starting price is around 40 $. For a blind two in one blocking and sieving, prices start at around 90 $.

Advantages and prices of a pleated blind

The fabric pleated blind is very decorative and has the characteristic of softening daylight. These blinds come in many colors and patterns and adapt to all parts of the house.

There is a model of pleated shade blind. The latter is equipped with cells covered with an aluminum film It has the double advantage of allowing the intensity of the incoming light to be metered and of limiting the thermal losses of the dwelling. Ideal for rooms with high exposure to the sun.

For this type of store, prices start at around 80 $. For a pleated blind with variable position, count 85$ instead.

Advantages and prices of a venetian blind

The venetian blind is equipped with aluminum slats. It is a sieving blind that adjusts and directs the brightness that enters the room. Its design gives a contemporary side to your decoration and adapts very well to a current interior. It is ideal for dressing windows in a kitchen, bathroom or office.

The prices of a Venetian blind start at around 85 $.

If you want to protect yourself from excessive temperatures in summer, you can also opt for a sun blind outside. Equipped with a mesh fabric, it lets the light through while stopping 80% of the heat. In addition, to ventilate a room by blocking access to insects, you can completely install a mosquito net in addition to a Velux blind.

How Do I know If I Paid For Points on A FHA Loan

? – understanding the FHA loan process

When you take out a loan secured by the Federal Housing Administration, or any other type of mortgage, you may have to pay points to get the rate you want. Lenders must disclose the fees for points after submitting an application and re-disclose this information at closing. If you have already closed on your FHA loan and know where to apply for FHA loan, you can check the closing statement to see what points, if any, you have paid.


Mortgage points come in two varieties – discount points and starting points. Discount points reduce the rate of interest on your loan through the intermediary of making an interest payment prepaid. You do not have to pay discount points, but many people choose to pay for them in order to get a lower interest rate. Starting points are the lender processing fees that cover the costs associated with underwriting your loan. In the past, origination fees were capped at one percent of the loan amount, but starting in 2010, the FHA does not caps starting points – with the exception of reverse mortgages and FHA rehab loans.

Estimate of good faith

Lenders often quote mortgage rates for you before where to apply for FHA loan, but a lender cannot assure you of a rate until you have actually submitted the application and need to know where to apply for FHA loan. Within three days of applying for the loan, your lender must provide you with a good faith estimate. This document explains how much the loan should cost, depending on your lender checking all the information on your application. The GFE includes a variety of information, such as your interest rate and the details of all the points you have to pay.

Closing speech

When you close your loan the lender must provide you with a closing statement. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development requires lenders to include certain information on the closing statement – such as details of any fees you have paid. Closing, or HUD, statement separately lists the amount of the discount or origination fees you paid. Some lenders bundle expenses together non-negotiable – such as property tax – with lender charges charged as part of your origination fees on the GFE. However, on the closing statement, the lender must detail these fees so that you can clearly see what you actually paid the lender for what you pay to your insurance company or a local tax authority.


Points increase the initial cost of taking a mortgage and many people are therefore reluctant to pay points since FHA loans are primarily aimed at people who have little money to make large down payments. However, you can deduct the amount you spent on FHA mortgage points from your taxable income, but only if you paid the points for a loan secured by your principal residence. In addition, you can only deduct points that are for lender fees and interest charges and not points charged in place of standard fees such as taxes and insurance.

Necessities for a condo to be accepted FHa

The Federal Housing Administration provides mortgage loans and refinancing loans. You can use a FHA-backed loan to finance a condominium, but only by living in an FHA-approved condo. condo property values ​​tend to fluctuate more than other types of real estate, and as a result, lenders and insurers, such as the FHA, do not finance or insure mortgages on condos that meet certain guidelines .

Complex requirements

To obtain FHA approval, a condominium complex must contain two or more units and a complex must have a home occupancy rate of at least 50 percent. Units that are still built must have been sold to buyers and at least 50 per cent of condo buyers must intend to use condos as their primary residence. A condo project may not have more than 25 percent of its area reserved for commercial purposes. Each condo project must re-apply for FHA approval every two years.



online home loans

How To Solve A Reverse Mortgage – FHA Mortgage Application

A reverse mortgage is a way for seniors to take some of the value out of a home they own and free of any other mortgages or liens. Payments are made by the mortgage lender to the best place to get a mortgage borrower, rather than the other way around. The only way to resolve a reverse mortgage is to pay back the mortgage lender who holds the mortgage. There are two ways to do this: sell the property, mortgage refinance a traditional mortgage loan or pay the reverse mortgage lender with a cash equivalent.

Things you need

  • Reverse mortgage declaration
  • Instructions

Evaluate the amount of gain. Contact the reverse mortgage lender and express your interest in solving the reverse mortgage. Ask the amount you need to come up with in order to get rid of the reverse mortgage.

Evaluate your options. Assess which of the three main ways to solve the reverse mortgage are viable for you. For example, if you want to continue living in the house, then refinancing or gaining the reverse mortgage is an option.

Choose one of three methods so that you can make arrangements to resolve the mortgage.

Contact a real estate agent at the list of home for sale or contact best place to get a mortgage lenders for mortgage refinance information. If you have enough money to pay the reverse mortgage balance, then contact the reverse mortgage lender for instructions on making the final reward.

Reimburse the reverse mortgage. Use the proceeds from the home sale, or arrange for the new mortgage lender to pay off the existing reverse mortgage balance, or make the last payment of your own cash savings.

Get a winning letter. Once the reverse mortgage has been paid, the reverse mortgage lender is responsible for recording the gain in county public records and removing the lien from the property. Also, be sure to get a winning letter from the reverse mortgage company to keep for your records as proof of payment.

How to extend my mortgage

You have had a mortgage for several years and made repayments on time, but your personal finances may have changed, or maybe you have a variable mortgage rates and interest rates have gone up. You want to reduce your monthly repayments making it more affordable. The fastest way is to extend your mortgage.

Review your monthly budget carefully. Detail of your income and expenses. Calculate how much you can afford to repay your mortgage when is extended.

Contact your mortgage lender before you have problems with repayments (see Resources). Late or missed refunds are recorded on your credit report, making it difficult to obtain credit, and could affect your ability to extend your mortgage.

Arrange to meet in person. You will get a better answer from your lender. Take your budget details with you. Explain your situation. Talk to your lender you want to extend your mortgage and reduce your monthly repayments.

Check the costs that can apply. Ask if they can be included in the extended mortgage. The costs will be subject to interest charges, if it is added to your mortgage. Check the other requirements.

Fill in the forms to extend your mortgage. You will receive approval by mail as well as new documents to sign.

Check the documents carefully. Check that the information is correct and, above all, ensure the new refunds are within your budget. Sign a copy of the forms and send it to your lender. You have successfully extended your mortgage.

How to calculate mortgage payments using a mortgage calculator

You do not have to look far to find a plethora of mortgage calculators available for free use on the internet. With some basic numbers, you can use these calculators to crunch your numbers and understand what your monthly expenses will be in relation to a mortgage. Calculate mortgage payments using a mortgage calculator and you’ll know quickly if you can afford to make an offer on a home.


Determine how much of a mortgage loan you need or want. This would be the amount of money financed for a home – the purchase price minus your down payment. If you are refinancing, this would be the outstanding amount that shows on your most recent mortgage statement.

Enter the term of the mortgage – either in years or months, depending on the configuration of the mortgage calculator.

Enter the interest rate you expect to pay for your financing. If you have consulted with a lender already for pre-screening, the lender will give you the interest rate to which you are entitled.

Click on the start date you are waiting to start making payments and click on the “calculate” button.

Tips & Warnings

Experiment with different parameters of the calculation tool. For example, if you change the interest rate even by a quarter of a percentage point, you will see a dramatic difference in the calculation of the mortgage.

The mortgage calculator will deliver payments of principal and interest only.

The Different Anti-UV Solar Heat Films – Commercial And Residential Tinting

Summer is often synonymous with high temperatures, especially as global warming has significantly increased the periods of the year or it can occur, and temperature peaks are becoming more frequent.  Solar window tint Houston Protect your interior, keep it cool and enjoyable living conditions become indispensable. Ultraviolet is also responsible for the discoloration of fabrics, paints, wood and all that is exposed.

  • A clear glazing will reject 28% of UV, insulating glass up to 40%.
  • A clear Protect Sun film filters 99% of UV!
  • No alteration appears on the UV-exposed varnish, for 680 hours placed behind a glass equipped with a UV film for window.

The fastest and least expensive solution to implement: Lay a solar window film anti-heat UV. We can put it outside or inside, with different characteristics according to need: Laminate, Sun protection film, Clear film.

Anti-heat solar film metallized outside said first generation. A very thin layer of aluminum is inserted between 2 transparent polyester sheets. Very strong mirror effect, filters up to 80% of infrared, darkens the room. Warranty 5 years.

Solar window tint Houston film anti-heat ionized interior. More elaborate, the ionization will allow the integration of the atoms of an anti-heat UV material in the heart of the polyester film. These films can be installed without fear of heat shock. This type of film filters up to 75% of the infrared. Does not suffer the weather, exists in more or less clear shades. 10 years warranty.

Multi-Alloy Ceramics anti-heat Solar window tint Houston of the latest generation. With the “thin film ” process, the selected alloy selectively acts on the solar spectrum to provide maximum protection without obscuring light or blocking IR when the sun is low or wintry. Very high filtration performance is obtained, up to 90%, acts on incident infrared. Equipped with a very high thermal insulation coefficient, these solar window films offer significant energy savings. Do not suffer the weather. 10 years warranty

The installation inside the glazing can be done without particular difficulty even during the presence of the staff at the workplace. The equipment of a technician is quite basic and not bulky (except stepladder if necessary) and it works only around the glazing. It will therefore be able to protect glazed surfaces without cluttering the office or the open space or disturbing the working rhythm of the employee (s).

As far as the individual is concerned, he can concentrate on studying his needs and if he wishes to limit his expenses by investing only in the purchase of the film. Indeed if he is a little bit handyman and careful he can even perform the pose.

A small installation guide detailing the installation steps will be provided during the purchase of the anti-heat Solar window tint Houston

A security film for the windows of the classrooms to respond to the reinforcement of the Vigipirate device

New: films for the windows of schools, colleges and high schools, responding to new measures decided to protect school buildings and local communities as part of the VIGIPIRATE plan.

They follow the attacks of 2015 and 2016 and to respond to the threat of terrorist acts or armed attacks. The safety of schools, colleges and high schools, as well as the buildings of all local authorities, town halls must be strengthened through the Particular Safety Plan (PPMS) which defines the areas of improvement to be implemented.

Regarding the glazing, they must offer sufficient strength to guarantee the security of the confinement sites in case of attack. On the other hand, it is necessary to obscure or opacity the glass doors and windows to provide protection against external views, while allowing to keep the visibility of the interior to prevent intrusion into the enclosure. The establishment. The works are the responsibility of the communities owning the buildings.


All our security films for windows and glazing made of polyester comply with the specifications issued by the Ministry for the concealment and opacification of the windows of schools.

Occultation / Opacification film for glazing:

In order to meet the security requirements it is required to obscure or opacify glazing accessing classes or workplaces visible from the outside.

The choice of a polyester mirror film classified M1 in reaction to fire ECLYPSE 70 or 80 (positioned inside with a double glazing) allows to meet precisely the specifications.

Contrary to the flame retardant opacifying curtains that obscure the two internal and external visions, the direct positioning on the glazing of an ECLYPSE solar film makes it possible to meet this double requirement: Not to be seen from the outside while keeping a visibility of the interior outwards.

DIY: Create A Cheap Custom Mug #PetitBudget

You want to create a cheap and especially qulity custom mug , but you have not found the ideal solution yet. And for good reason, you are stuck between offers 5 € low quality and those over 15 € better but too expensive for your taste. You are also wondering how to create a cheap custom Personalised Coffee Cups because yes, several possibilities exist. Which one will be best suited to your needs? The answer in this article.

Cheap custom mug: the simple mug for the hurry!

The simple mug is the perfect cheap mug. In addition to asking for very little creative time, it is not necessary to have an overflowing imagination. The less creative will recognize! You only have to download a photo is the turn is played.

The steps are then as follows:

  • Go to the following link: simple photo Personalised Coffee Cups  .
  • Read the card if you need more information about the product and click on “I created my mug” to start the creation.
  • Transfer your photo to the right menu and drag it to the right place to activate the preview. There you go !
  • Click on order at the top right of the screen and follow the steps until payment.
  • In short: 1 simple mug = 1 picture = 1 minute of creation! You will get your cheap quality Personalised Coffee Cups  for less than 10 €
  • The mug panorama: a cheap personalized Personalised Coffee Cups  more creative!

For the most creative, there is the Personalised Coffee Cups  panorama, the cheap personalized mug that will allow you to give free rein to your imagination. Indeed, you can add as many photos and texts as you want thanks to the creation tool. Themes are also available to help you make the perfect mug. For 1 € more than the simple mug, amaze your loved ones:

Everything starts here: mug panorama .

Read the card if you need more information about the product and click on “I created my Personalised Coffee Cups  to start the creation.

Upload your photos after sorting them and choosing them.

Choose a theme of your choice, select the layout of photos or start your own creation from A to Z. As a reminder, add as much text and photos as you want, there is no limit!

Click on order at the top right of the screen and follow the steps until payment.

WWE’s Pinnacle Tweets, Instagram Snap Shots

and Viral movies for Week of Sept. nine
To soak up WWE social media this week changed into to enjoy a convergence of past, present and destiny.

We welcomed a painted face from every other generation as he battled the WWE Champion, marveled at a throwback pass and gave a collective tip of the hat for a legend placing it up. The week before night of Champions featured an peculiar blend of pathos, awe and chuckling through wwe instagram photographs, motion pictures and tweets.

although a fan missed Monday’s WWE raw, it become difficult now not to run into the image of Antonio Cesaro swinging Santino Marella.

The large Swing maneuver is an anachronistic pass, one which conjures up black-and-white TVs and cigar-smoking fanatics.

Cesaro is a throwback wrestler, although, so it is no marvel that he’s been making use of the circulate at some point of his profession. attempt to spot all of the contemporary WWE stars you may in this clip of Cesaro swinging his opponent round in a healthy for Chikara.

The dizzying photo of Cesaro’s spin-fest on Santino caught fire. The GIF of the large Swing isn’t highly being shared by using many.

the parents at Deadspin took be aware, announcing how “highly athletic” seasoned wrestlers are. The clip became dubbed “Clip of the Week” and aired on the Soup.

possibly inspired with the aid of the movement of Cesaro’s circulate, WWE’s Tumblr confirmed off a shot of “Macho guy” Randy Savage whirling throughout considered one of his interviews.

The only element extra talked about after Monday’s uncooked than Santino getting vertigo changed into the astonishing return of Goldust.

The story of Goldust combating for his brother Cody Rhodes to get his job again changed into informed on multiple mediums. fanatics now not handiest noticed Goldust and Randy Orton pull off a fantastic suit, however wwe instagram and Twitter added dimensions to the heartache of the narrative.

earlier than Goldust’s large fit, WWE published a shot of him in deep concept on its wwe instagram page.

Orton ultimately got the satisfactory of “The bizarre One,” but the enterprise shared a photograph of him extraordinarily focused on getting the disillusioned.

Triple H, the person who fired Rhodes within the first vicinity, sat down with Michael Cole once more to explain his movements and to try to convince the audience that he is no dictator.

He additionally appeared on a video of compilation of top notch crowd reactions to big WWE moments, regularly because the loser. the first part of the countdown capabilities Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho prevailing the WWE Championship, Bob Backlund getting mobbed and fans howling for Steve Austin.
lots of the ones moments were increased via the voice and power of one Jim Ross.

Ross announced his retirement from WWE on Wednesday and acquired a bath of gratitude from his friends and from lovers. Lance typhoon, Terry Funk and William Regal have been most of the many to expose respect for the extraordinary announcer.

despite the fact that he slightly called suits anymore, this information is hard to take.

Ross is peerless—an icon who made matches special and produced greatness on a ordinary foundation. the following video is making the rounds as oldsters dangle onto the recollections he created.

All Types of Insurance And Insurance Companies In Spring Texas

Because insurance is an important subject for a variety of topics, it is not always easy to find answers to questions in specific sectors. In this category you will find articles on specific insurance topics on Insurance companies in Spring Texas which will provide you with tips and key information to understand contracts; through regular guides.
Electric Bike: How much does it cost to insure against theft?
The electric assistance bicycles known as VAE, are more and more popular with amateur or professional cyclists but also represent a significant investment. How to protect an electric bike against theft or breakage and how much does it cost?
What insurance to be covered against theft or breakage of your bike?
If the general liability of a multi-occupant home covers a cyclist for damage caused to others, the damage caused or suffered by his bike (such as breakage or theft) are rarely supported. How to cover your bike against theft or vandalism?
Be a good pedestrian: the complete point
Pedestrians are the most vulnerable on the road, so it is necessary for them to respect the rules of the highway. This file presents a summary of all the rules and sanctions that may apply.
Insurance fraud: what are the risks?
The consequences of insurance fraud can be heavy for both the insurer and the insured … Between claims for false claims, voluntary data forgery or false statements to the underwriting, what are the risks of fraud? insurance?
November: the month without tobacco
Every year in France, 73,000 people die because of active smoking, it is by this statement that the “Month without tobacco” was set up, its purpose? Organize a big national challenge by encouraging smoking cessation for 30 days.
Cyber ​​insurance against ransom ware threats
There are more and more ransom ware attacks, for example Winery has infected 230,000 computers in 150 different countries. The traditional methods of protection have become obsolete, it now becomes necessary to opt for cyber insurance capable of countering this growing threat.
The collaborative economy: what is it?
The collaborative economy is a new and innovative phenomenon that has emerged thanks to the development of various platforms and the interactions between individuals … How will this principle evolve, which tends to be a real means of financing in the next few years?
Study through collaborative funding
Every individual deserves to study whatever they want, whatever their age, their background, and especially their background. So we continue this issue on the collaborative economy by talking about crowdfunding, which allows thousands of students to pay for their studies and thus to have the same luck as others, especially the richest, in professional life.
Children and adolescents on the web: how to avoid dangers?
It is important to guard against the dangers of the internet! A whole new form of harassment has appeared since the arrival of the internet: cyber-harassment. For some people, it is considered worse than usual violence because the web is a public space. It is therefore necessary to take stock of the right actions to adopt!
School and out-of-school insurance: how to navigate?
In the middle of the school year, it is important to protect your family well. In fact, subscribing to a school insurance is compulsory as part of the optional activities of the school and optional for compulsory activities. It is therefore necessary to know what you are talking about before making your decision. It’s about protecting your child, and it’s priceless. !
Students: the university refuses your registration, what recourse?
What recourse is available to a student whose application for admission and registration at a higher education institution has been refused? Make Quote Now On Spring Tx insurance agencies
Work contract and driver’s license: when one influences the other
What happens when an employee whose employment contract requires the possession of a driver’s license is suspended or canceled? The solution depends on whether or not the offense that gave rise to the suspension or withdrawal was committed during the working hours.
Bike: what insurance for what damage?
Whether you travel by car, motorcycle or bicycle, it is always safer to have insurance that can cover your civil liability for damage to third parties, but also compensate you for damage to your bike. What insurance is suitable for your damage?
Burnout: knowing how to identify and take charge of it
Nowadays, many workers find themselves stressed, exhausted by their job. Unfortunately burnout is not recognized as a disease by the medical profession. The High Health Authority has decided to take charge of this problem.
How do you make reality TV shows?
What are the assurances that subscribe to reality shows? Against what problems do producers want to protect themselves? There are several guarantees specific to this type of issue and some are surprising.

STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT Star Trek: First Contact – 1996

By Jonathan Frakes

With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn

And here we go. The new crew is definitely in place for the big screen, no offense to Williem Shetner who has tried, the guy, to refourguer his scenario of best star trek movie Resurrection , unable to digest his disappearance all but Dantesque a saga that owes him a lot. But no, Generations has sent it ad patres and now, place to Picard, Worf, Data, Ryker and other new browsers USS Enterprise E, en route to a (already ?!) eighth episode that announces the best film . The storyline is indeed rooted in an excellent episode of the series, Best of Both Worlds(Do not panic, you do not need to have followed the series to follow the film, the scriptwriter Rick Berman not forgetting to bridge the two stories so that no spectator is dropped). Picard being captured by the Borg (sort of robot-zombies assimilators and annihilators of all emotion), the crew will therefore have to fight with these cybernetic creatures ready to do anything to rewrite the future to their advantage by preventing, three centuries ago, the first contact between humans and aliens (Vulcans inevitably) and thus questioning everything that could be the future until the 24th century and the very existence of Picard and his acolytes. Like what temporal paradoxes are really an inexhaustible source for sci-fi scenarios.

And Jonathan Frakes, already director of several episodes of the series, to find himself at the controls of a very good opus skilfully combining intersideral fights (even if the film is a bit chick in term of pure space action because it is satisfied only a superb battle scene at the beginning and a small pedestrian attack in space two-thirds of the footage), humor (the passages on Earth are filled with jokes and light humor where we clearly feel that the team feasting and spends his time dressing) and chronic human on revenge and redemption. Because here, the eternal pragmatism and the unshakeable reason of Picard take a hit. Quoting Moby Dick as a symbolic reference to unreasoning fury, best star trek movie  Contactconfronts the bald French captain with his demons and offers to the role, just like the script, an interpretation on the weakness of the human spirit which is also its richness, the very one that makes the characters advance towards a future that has always given the tone of the positive and utopian message that Star Trek vehicle . This and a metaphor on individual freedom versus the enslavement of the masses. With the presence of a James Cromwell as a baba-chic barstain scientist and beginner Neal McDonough, and even picking up veteran Jerry Goldsmith franchise to music, Premier Contact is developing a signature recipe for only the best opus next genof the license but also a film perfectly embodying the very definition of “science fiction”. Nice shot! as the Americans say.


Star Trek: Insurrection – 1998

Barely put back in the saddle thanks to a Premier Contact more than successful, the license is shot in the foot and is immediately sclerosed with this ninth opus, vague futuristic cousin of La Petite Maison in the meadow . Sort of low-end episode stretched and hardworking, best star trek movie Insurrection plays it flower power: Picard, feeling the passing years, go counting flower to a menopausal Ba’ku reflecting on life, love, cows, while Son’a, old moldy who spend their time on plastic surgery chairs to to be pulled the skin, covet the erzatz fountain of youth said Ba’ku. Certainly, if the film seeks to emancipate itself from the genre (the screenwriter prefers to place his feelings on the dangers of technology in the face of the simple things of life), to distance him as much from what we are entitled to expect of a science-fiction film is almost an artistic suicide that neither Piller nor director Jonathan Frakes seems to anticipate. But the contemplative and the bucolic, Frakes like that! As a result, to the spatial sequences that are now only transitions, thePremier Contact prefers to transform his film into an “image of Epinal” and engulfs the work in a soft, pompous and uninteresting romance where suspense is completely absent. Beside that, the Anakin and Padmé of Star Wars: Episode 2 pass for Romeo and Juliet in full geopolitical crisis! Yet, we tried to make us believe in the viability of the project with the talented and Oscar-winning F. Murray Abraham behind the mask of the ultimate villain. But no, sorry, nothing helps. Especially since, in the wake, Existenz and Cube out of the box , two films knowing to put a shot in the SF register. And whatever we think of Cronenberg and Natali’s films, we have to recognize that beside them,Star Trek Insurrection is like Papa’s movie theater. Come on, it’s okay, we’ll put it on the account of the famous curse Trekkienne that every episode odd is well below expectations (to remain polite), and wait for the next installment with the feverish impatience of a spartan starting warfare, just to catch up.