Promotion in instagram. Instructions part 4: how to recruitsubscribers

If there are no subscribers in the instagram store (in other words, potential buyers), then this is some meaningless online store. Of course, you can ask friends and relatives to subscribe to your account, but this resource will be exhausted. What to do next and how to increase the number of subscribers in instagrame? For this there are at least 8 ways. Many of which, by the way, can be used for free.

8 ways to get more followers on instagram

1. Natural followers instagrame subscribers – live communication

This is a free, most natural, most reliable, but also the most difficult and time-consuming way to increase the number of your followers. It lies in the fact that you yourself will find your target audience on instagram, you will go into their accounts, like photos, leave comments and subscribe to them.

Here it is necessary to say about the very mass folowing, which was mentioned in the very first article . When you subscribe to someone, the person pays attention to you, enters your account and signs back. Out of courtesy or because he really liked you.

How to find your target audience? Use search by tags and your own competitors! See who subscribes to your competitors, who leaves comments under their photos.

In addition, subscribing to someone, do not forget aboutthis person. From time to time, view the tape, leave comments, communicate withthose to whom you are following and who are following you. And, of course, youneed to respond to all comments that are left under your photos (bots andtrolling do not count). Read our guide on how to start an Instagram account.

!CAUTION! Not so long ago, instagram imposed a limit on the number of subscriptions. Now you can maximally subscribe to approximately 7,500 accounts, after which the ability to subscribe will be limited. And even they can be banned.

In addition, there are several nuances that give subscribers the cheat and “inanimate” accounts. The most important indicator that an account is not conducted from the heart is when the number in the right column (the number of people you are subscribed to) greatly exceeds the number in the middle column (the number of people who subscribe for YOU).

When a new user comes to you and sees that you are subscribed to 5000 people, and only 100 are subscribed to you, your account IMMEDIATELY seems uninteresting to him. Because it would be interesting, the number of subscribers and subscriptions would be at least equal.

At the same time, if a person comes in and sees that you are subscribed to only 3 people, and 5,000 are subscribed to you, you immediately look very interesting to him! And the new user is psychologically much easier to click on “subscribe”, because he sees that 5,000 people have already done this.

What now, do not subscribe to anyone? Not! Sign! But then sometimes unsubscribe. Not five minutes later, but a few days later, but clean your tape and make sure that the ratio of subscriptions and subscribers does not go beyond what is permitted.

2. Contests and giveaways

Everyone loves gifts and is ready to fulfill certain conditions for them. Therefore, contests were, are and will be one of the easiest ways to get many subscribers on instagram at once.

The algorithm here is almost the same. You come up with a prize. He should be cool, and not from the series “it’s not a pity to give back”. Post a picture of this prize in your instagram and in the commentary you will learn in detail about the rules. Usually, participants must subscribe to the organizer’s account, make a repost of the contest photo and in the comments to their repost give a link to the organizer (for example, @magazin_romawka) and indicate the contest tag (for example, # daisy_giveaway). Sometimes asked to celebrate friends.

Thanks to the link to the organizer in your post or a friend’s mark in the comments, your friends will be able to log in, subscribe and also take part in the contest. So, through this kind of “word of mouth” and the number of subscriber’s increases.

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