Rent A Car In The Dubai

After talking with friends, looking at the “branches” of the forums, I came to the conclusion that many of our tourists do not know “WHAT is happening on the American Someone refuses this option due to incomprehensible moments, someone due to fear of difficulties, insufficient knowledge of the language, or little driving experience. Some “young” drivers of our megacities, where every trip is like a race for survival, are afraid of the unknown rules and laws and present car rental in an unfamiliar country (this, incidentally, concerns not only the Dubai, but also other countries) as something frightening. This is how the idea of ​​creating this article was born, which, I hope, will help to remove many questions that arise when deciding whether to rent a car or not. The information is presented on the basis of personal experience, the experience of friends and acquaintances. The names of rental companies, hotels (motels) and website addresses are not specifically indicated, so that 1. I don’t create advertisements that I personally like, 2. These are particulars that have no meaning in the context of this article. Anyone who wants to, I am ready to explain, tell and answer questions. Meanwhile

Trip plan

Just want to say that it is better to book a car in advance! And even better before buying air tickets (why, it is written just below)!! Most often through a specialized website is cheaper. There are many such sites in the internet. Look for one where there is no need to make an advance payment in order to be able to “catch” a tempting offer, if it comes later or refuses reservation, if suddenly plans change. Lack of prepayment will eliminate the need for unnecessary trouble with the return of money.

Before you start ordering a car, determine the approximate plan and route. This is necessary to reduce the cost of booking a car. For example, if you arrive in LA and plan to dwell a day or two on Disneyland or Universal, you may not need to immediately take the car. It can be ordered later in the city and it is convenient to get to parks and main attractions by public transport (this is despite the fact that LA is called the city on wheels). Moreover, finding a parking place near famous places is extremely problematic. For example, in order to walk along the Avenue of Stars, we had to leave the car for three blocks and then hardly found a place. Even paid parking is not guaranteed (I will write below for paid parking and usage rules). In addition, in many hotels in LA, parking is also paid (from 12 to 25 dollars / day). So what’s the point of taking a car to make it stand? In addition, the cost of renting a car in the same company may be different depending on the place of receipt. As a rule, the airport is a bit more expensive (it depends on the seasonality and the chosen type of car), and delivery in the same city, but in another rental center does not impose additional costs (again there are exceptions, which must be taken care of in advance).

Another thing, if you do not plan to spend the night in Angeles. Then yes, with the suitcases do not particularly walk. And the price of a hotel in the city and beyond is different not in favor of the latter. With me there was such a case. At the end of the trip I had to spend two days in LA. My hotel was in the center. Good thing I booked a car without these days. Parking 15 bucks a day, and from the hotel to the conference center 5-7 minutes on foot. In addition, a Flyaway bus runs between the airport and the Union Station (and a few more points). The price of the ticket is about 10 dollars (I will not say for sure). Well, a taxi, of course, has not been canceled.

It is necessary to take into account where you want to get on the car, what to see. If, for example, you go for two weeks through parks and canyons, then you need to look at the route and decide: take the car with the return in the same place or one way. This is important because affects the price. Friends had a case. They planned to visit Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon, Zion, etc. But I also wanted to see the ocean. So, they were already going to share the trip, because taking a car at the LA airport and renting it in Denver was very expensive. But by searching on sites and “twisting” the route, we got the ideal option – rent a car at Billings’ airport and hand it over to LA. The price turned out to be the same (or even slightly less), as if it were taken and handed over to LA. Good airline tickets were not purchased and they built a trip itinerary in a way to fly to Billings (naturally with docks), and fly out of LA. It was also a good option from Denver, but they chose an additional flight to save time.

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