Window Tint for Home and Business – Security film

Glass with magnetron sputtering for energy efficient window solutions in business class homes and for private construction.

Imagine that the Security film of a modern building, like 1000 years ago, would be made from a bull’s bubble or mica. But the window companies vying to suggest that this translucent construction with precious stones, cover the bubble with beautiful curtains, would convince you to put the air conditioner a little more, and more sections of heating appliances. Like that you are a transparent part! Here we have a profile and blinds – we will provide the window with the options you want!

N the 21st century, with the development of technologies and materials, a simple double-glazed window with float glass is almost like a bubble in a window of a city dweller of the early 20th century. In any house already stood the glass. Not because of fashion – but on the objective availability of new materials and the need for their application.

 Do not sell windows, sell solutions for window openings!

Do you think the one who in his day had guessed to put the glass in the Security film opening did not make much money on it? Hardly. Those who today offer the consumer a wide range of window options, including various variants of multifunctional glasses, will be tomorrow’s leaders, but to catch up with the former is extremely difficult.

Phrases magnetron sputtering, heat saving, solar factor – for the highly competitive Ukrainian market of translucent structures is not new. Only for some reason, in the facade glazing of commercial buildings, the best designs of the leading glass manufacturers are applied. And window-makers, especially not large ones, have to prove that sun protection works, and heat-saving is the customer’s need, that the color can be outside, and inside there is a clear color rendition. Ordinary consumers do not always know what glass is capable of. The main thing is for the window seller to know that the glass is capable of more.

We have been working with multifunctional glass since 2003, using it in the production of double-glazed windows for large commercial facilities,” says Vet Kolten, marketing director of Stekloplast. – Since 2010, our company was one of the first to get inspired by the idea of ​​energy saving and sun protection – we introduced double-glazed Security film with ClimaGuard and ClimaGuardSolar. In 2012, we thought: why not offer the window market, especially the private construction market, the advantages of double-glazed windows, which have long been known and sought after by the leading architects of Ukraine? For a private customer, and for dealers – it was a perfect novelty, an alternative to which until 2012 – there were tint films, with all their shortcomings. We distributed more than 1000 demonstration samples, conducted staff training, as well as several short shares,

What Stekloplast was one of the pioneers (sun protection and energy saving), today the need for a segment of premium glazing and an additional option for owners of private cottages or developers of business class apartments. Recycling of architectural glass with magnetron sputtering does not require any additional costs if the production culture allows processing simple low-emission glass.

Our company has its own production, which guarantees low cost and prompt execution of orders without any delays. And the ability to independently control quality at all stages of the production of windows extends the warranty period to 10 years.

We offer windows from any materials – plastic, aluminum, natural wood. The texture and color of the surface is chosen by the client.

The company “Big Windows” performs the lamination of plastic Security film thus giving the opportunity to implement any solutions in the design. At the same time, the cost of such products will be significantly lower than that of competitors.

He choice of windows for country houses and cottages depends on the architectural features of the building. As a rule, such real estate does not differ in standards in the sizes and shapes of window and door openings. That is why more often for the glazing of private houses requires products of complex geometric shapes and larger sizes, not to mention the satisfaction of such individual preferences as color shade.


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