The Different Anti-UV Solar Heat Films – Commercial And Residential Tinting

Summer is often synonymous with high temperatures, especially as global warming has significantly increased the periods of the year or it can occur, and temperature peaks are becoming more frequent.  Solar window tint Houston Protect your interior, keep it cool and enjoyable living conditions become indispensable. Ultraviolet is also responsible for the discoloration of fabrics, paints, wood and all that is exposed.

  • A clear glazing will reject 28% of UV, insulating glass up to 40%.
  • A clear Protect Sun film filters 99% of UV!
  • No alteration appears on the UV-exposed varnish, for 680 hours placed behind a glass equipped with a UV film for window.

The fastest and least expensive solution to implement: Lay a solar window film anti-heat UV. We can put it outside or inside, with different characteristics according to need: Laminate, Sun protection film, Clear film.

Anti-heat solar film metallized outside said first generation. A very thin layer of aluminum is inserted between 2 transparent polyester sheets. Very strong mirror effect, filters up to 80% of infrared, darkens the room. Warranty 5 years.

Solar window tint Houston film anti-heat ionized interior. More elaborate, the ionization will allow the integration of the atoms of an anti-heat UV material in the heart of the polyester film. These films can be installed without fear of heat shock. This type of film filters up to 75% of the infrared. Does not suffer the weather, exists in more or less clear shades. 10 years warranty.

Multi-Alloy Ceramics anti-heat Solar window tint Houston of the latest generation. With the “thin film ” process, the selected alloy selectively acts on the solar spectrum to provide maximum protection without obscuring light or blocking IR when the sun is low or wintry. Very high filtration performance is obtained, up to 90%, acts on incident infrared. Equipped with a very high thermal insulation coefficient, these solar window films offer significant energy savings. Do not suffer the weather. 10 years warranty

The installation inside the glazing can be done without particular difficulty even during the presence of the staff at the workplace. The equipment of a technician is quite basic and not bulky (except stepladder if necessary) and it works only around the glazing. It will therefore be able to protect glazed surfaces without cluttering the office or the open space or disturbing the working rhythm of the employee (s).

As far as the individual is concerned, he can concentrate on studying his needs and if he wishes to limit his expenses by investing only in the purchase of the film. Indeed if he is a little bit handyman and careful he can even perform the pose.

A small installation guide detailing the installation steps will be provided during the purchase of the anti-heat Solar window tint Houston

A security film for the windows of the classrooms to respond to the reinforcement of the Vigipirate device

New: films for the windows of schools, colleges and high schools, responding to new measures decided to protect school buildings and local communities as part of the VIGIPIRATE plan.

They follow the attacks of 2015 and 2016 and to respond to the threat of terrorist acts or armed attacks. The safety of schools, colleges and high schools, as well as the buildings of all local authorities, town halls must be strengthened through the Particular Safety Plan (PPMS) which defines the areas of improvement to be implemented.

Regarding the glazing, they must offer sufficient strength to guarantee the security of the confinement sites in case of attack. On the other hand, it is necessary to obscure or opacity the glass doors and windows to provide protection against external views, while allowing to keep the visibility of the interior to prevent intrusion into the enclosure. The establishment. The works are the responsibility of the communities owning the buildings.


All our security films for windows and glazing made of polyester comply with the specifications issued by the Ministry for the concealment and opacification of the windows of schools.

Occultation / Opacification film for glazing:

In order to meet the security requirements it is required to obscure or opacify glazing accessing classes or workplaces visible from the outside.

The choice of a polyester mirror film classified M1 in reaction to fire ECLYPSE 70 or 80 (positioned inside with a double glazing) allows to meet precisely the specifications.

Contrary to the flame retardant opacifying curtains that obscure the two internal and external visions, the direct positioning on the glazing of an ECLYPSE solar film makes it possible to meet this double requirement: Not to be seen from the outside while keeping a visibility of the interior outwards.

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