Credits to Veterans and Participants of Military Operations

War veterans in Ukraine include people who directly participated in military conflicts, are infilds and war veterans. Since July of this year, a much wider range of people can get veteran status. So, they include those military who took part in armed conflicts in peacetime. In connection with the situation in the country, the veteran’s legal status is now being fought in the ATU in the east of Ukraine.

For this category of citizens there are a number of benefits, including priority housing, benefits when paying communal services and getting a VA loan details to build your house. In fact, today there are no special state programs for crediting veterans, only a commercial financial institution can obtain a lucrative loan.

Where can I borrow a veteran of the ATU?

A veteran, as a rule, is a military man, has a stable salary, pension and other incomes. Banks and credit organizations consider such clients as trustworthy. However, the financial position of the client-veteran credit institution will be considered on a general basis, taking into account the history of loans, income level, availability / absence of collateral and other factors.

In the absence of a large income and other favorable factors, a small amount of veteran can apply for credit through SMS. There they do not impose strict requirements on clients, registration takes place quickly and simply. Read the list of companies on our website and send online application for a loan today.


When filling out an application for a
VA loan details companies will need:

Enter the number and series of the passport;

Identification code;

Your mobile phone number.

Prepare data so that they are at hand!

Most companies transfer money to your bank card (of any bank). If you do not already have a card, you can get it here: making cards online.


Today there is not a very good trend – financial organizations refuse to issue loans to veterans of military operations. Sometimes it happens very quickly, and the reasons are not explained. But, in view of the fact that most veterans are disabled, banks consider them to be not solvent customers. In the case when a citizen is employed, the financial institution is more likely to approve the loan, but, most likely, at a high interest rate. Banks are trying to minimize their risks, as a result of which the rates for the initial contribution and for the annual interest are greatly overstated. And, unfortunately, the financial organization does not matter – a veteran or not his client.

Banks are not ready to offer special soft loans for this category, because then they will lose a lot of profit.


The Government of the Russian Federation does not plan to develop a separate program for concessional lending to veterans of military operations. In addition, banks also do not support options for entering the market for such conditions. That is why in the coming years the number of mortgage
VA loan details will drop dramatically. This segment of the population, like veterans, cannot afford to pay a single large amount, and the monthly fee will be rather large.

ALTERNATIVE If there are relatives or good friends who do not have the status of a veteran of the fighting, then you can ask for a loan for yourself. The only negative – real estate will be recorded on the borrower.

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