Types Of Lifts For Disabled (Enable Them To Get Around)

If a person is disabled does not mean that he can’t move on in his life.  Time and time again the disabled people have shown that they are more the bodies and can do what they love without the limits in their way. A disabled person can accomplish anything he sets in his minds to. A disabled person knows that it is not easy to get around as there will always be some sort of obstacles to overcome.

Getting your wheelchair in the car is not easy. The set of stairs to your porch can also be an obstacle for a disabled person. Thankfully, various walking aids and products can help the disabled person to move around independently. Piattaforme elevatrici per disabili is one of the solutions we will discuss later.

Types Of Wheelchair Lifts:

Wheelchair lift is indeed a great help for those with disabilities. It helps them go up and down without getting anyone’s help. There are different kinds of wheelchair lifts for different purposes. With the list so long, it is not that easy to know which wheelchair lift will be right for you. Let’s break it all down by taking a look at the types of wheelchair lifts:

  • Platform Lifts:

The first type of wheelchair lift we are going to discuss here is the platform lift that serves the simple purpose. It transports you with your wheelchair straight up over a vertical barrier. Ride onto the platform lift, close the door, push the button and the lift will take you to the next level. When you reach the second level open the door and exit. Piattaforme elevatrici per disabili is the type of lift what most people think of when they decide to install a wheelchair lift.

  • Auto Lifts:

The auto lift can take your wheelchair with you on an open road. No matter what type of your vehicle is there are plenty of lift options available to take your wheelchair along with the vehicle. If you are unable to decide what type of auto lift it better for you, then talk to the mobility expert. He will help you determine the best solution for your situation.

  • Elevators:

Elevators are becoming increasingly popular even though there are quite expensive. People are now installing the elevators in their home so that the elderly or disabled people could go up and down stairs without any difficulty. The difference between the elevator and platform lift is that the platform lifts are not fully enclosed while as the elevators are.

  • Incline Lifts:

Just like the platform lifts the inclined lifts also take you upstairs with your wheelchair. But In a platform lift, you go vertically. However, the inclined lift takes you upstairs diagonally as it travels diagonally along the contours of the staircase. When not in use, it can be lifted to let the friends and family use staircase.

There are plenty of lift options available enabling the disabled to get around.

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